Water Well

School Water Well

You can provide a water well for a new Good Shepherd School. The total cost of a water well is $2,000.

One of the most important things Dalit children need is clean drinking water. Contamination and lack of water lead to serious illnesses and dehydration in the rural communities of India. A well provides a reliable source of safe drinking water for students and their families.

Only once a well has been drilled can the construction of a school building begin. By offering the gift of a water well, you can open the door to community transformation through education.


Project Updates

  • When it was time to dig a water well for the YBG Good Shepherd School, they dug a bore well to a depth of 980 feed, but failed to find any water. However, they continued to search for water on the property until finally, the well started producing water. The locals joined in this search for water, and it was an accomplishment the surrounding communities got excited about.

  • It was Sports Day recently at one of our Good Shepherd Schools in Southern India; a very exciting day for the children. All the students took part in different games and competitions. Apart from the students' programs, games were arranged for teachers and parents. It was a joyful time. And it was at this time that everyone was thankful for the school well to keep hydrated. Clean drinking water is often inaccessible in these rural areas of India, and it was not taken for granted on this Good Shepherd School Sports Day.

  • This month, in lieu of writing a Project update we are inviting you to share your thoughts, opinions, and stories. We are asking you to write a comment on this page telling us and other readers why you support this particular project. What is it about wells that interests you? What made you decide to get involved?

    The staff of DFN Canada truly believes that you are as much a part of what is happening in India as we are. We are very thankful to have you as part of the team.

    Let us know why this cause caught your attention!

  • Serious illnesses are contracted around the world because people consume contaminated water. Many more diseases are passed through contact and are able to ravage a body that is not washed regularly or properly. The gift of a clean water well to a school can end these realities for a community in India. Children are now able to wash their hands frequently and thoroughly, thus preventing the spread of communicable diseases. They are now also able to drink sufficient water without fear of infection. A well truly transforms the future of these children, as it offers them improved health and much-needed hydration. 

  • UHL school started in 2008 and still meets in a rented building. They have purchased land for the permanent school building and students and staff alike are eagerly awaiting the day when they can move into their own space. The bore well has been drilled, so now construction can commence. The well will provide all the water needed for the construction process, which will hopefully be completed next summer. Thanks to the well, the school’s dreams are getting closer! 

  • When DFN finds a new community where they would like to start a school, one of the very first steps is to drill a bore well. Once the land for the school building has been purchased, the next step is the well. Water is necessary for the construction process as well as for the eventual functioning of the school, as it provides not only drinking water but also the water for the sinks and toilets. If we want to see more schools built and more children educated, we must continue to purchase wells. The relatively low cost of this project, $2000 a well, makes it very feasible for a small group to fundraise. Please consider committing to buying a clean water well! 

  • In addition to providing a necessary supply of clean water that each school needs to function, wells can also make room for some creativity. SRC school in the state of Andhra Pradesh is using the water to grow some simple vegetables and other food items that they then use in their midday meal program. The well is not only bringing essential water to keep the students healthy, it is also allowing for the school to provide a healthy and hearty meal each day, further benefiting the students. If we build wells, there is potential for so much growth. 

  • At AGS school in Northern India there are two wells. One is used to provide running water for the washrooms; soon it will also be used for the kitchen where meals will be prepared for students who are unable to bring lunch from home. The second well is used for drinking water. There is something beautiful as you watch children from all different types of backgrounds and circumstances share the well. This is one simple way that the GSS are breaking down the influence of caste in this next generation. A well not only brings the usefulness of running water but also symbolizes new life and hope among the students. 

  • Before construction of any DFN school can begin, a bore well must be drilled. This well will provide the clean water necessary first for the construction process and subsequently for the school’s toilets and taps. DFN Canada has funded many wells, sometimes at schools whose construction we did not fund. The well at THM school was funded by a youth group in North Vancouver, who were able to send a team to visit it in the summer of 2009. THM’s students still meet in a rented building, but the North Vancouver team visited the construction site, where they were invited to plant trees with the 2nd grade students. Once planted, these saplings were watered by clear water from the bore well. With continued watering, these trees will grow and provide shade for the students of THM, whose new school stands in the middle of a field. In this case, the well is altering the very landscape of the school.

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