Teacher Training

Teacher Training

$10,000 will train teachers from all of our Good Shepherd Schools in English language skills. To provide teaching materials and education to a teacher costs $100.

In order to provide quality English-medium education to the students, we need to be sure the teachers are fully equipped to invest the most that they can into their students. This project supplies them with materials, but also training sessions for the teachers so they themselves can improve in their own knowledge.

Project Updates

  • As part of the ongoing development of our Good Shepherd School teachers we recently began a new program in which teachers are trained to become English Language Phonics Trainers. The purpose of this new program is for trainers come alongside teachers at our schools and help them improve their teaching practices and English language instruction. Here is a report from Manju, a new trainer, about her experience thus far:

    “I like going to the schools which management has entrusted to me to guide the teachers and pupils. My hope is that they will know the value and importance of English language skills and that they will grow in confidence and have a strong command of the English language.”  

    This new program will ensure that our students continue to receive quality English medium education so that in the future they can qualify for higher education and better paying jobs.

  • Teaching is more than just a job for Pana, it is her life calling. She teaches English and Science at the local Good Shepherd School. Her students come from poor Dalit homes and many are the first in their families to go to school.

    Pana is always looking for ways to support her students, she explains, “The best part of my job is learning my students’ personal life stories, so I can help them in whatever way I can.” 

    Pana recently went through our annual Teacher’s Training Conference. “It has helped me make teaching fun – my students love learning English now,” says Pana. Not only that, but her students are finding 
    it easier to learn and grasp the English language. Equipped with English language skills, Pana’s students will be prepared for further education and 
    qualify for better jobs in the future.  


  • In January 2013, two Canadian couples will travel to India to provide the Good Shepherd School teachers with training in English phonics. 100 teachers will journey to five different locations for this fifth annual three-day conference. The teachers will not only improve their own English pronunciation, but will also learn fun and creative ways to teach their students, thereby improving the children's capacity to learn.

    For $100 you can help one teacher attend this conference, by covering the related costs of transportation, accommodation, and food. Please consider donating towards this training, so that the Dalit students at our schools across India will receive the best education possible. 

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