Pratigya & Tarika Centres

Rehabilitation and restoration for victims of trafficking

The cost to bring freedom to 100 girls is $17,500; $175 per person.

India is a source, destination, and transit country for human trafficking. The Dalits are particularly vulnerable to forced labor and sex trafficking, in many ways it is impossible to separate the Dalits and exploitation.   

Dalit Freedom Network has established an Anti-Human Trafficking Unit (AHTU) to bring freedom to these young girls. The goal is to provide quality anti-trafficking models of care through education, rehabilitation, and restoration. These victims and their children will be rescued from sex trafficking and prostitution by partnering with the local law enforcement. In addition, we aim to raise awareness of the sex trafficking problem in India.

Dalit Freedom Network Canada supports two rehabilitation centers as part of the AHTU project. Both centers provide counselling and education to victims of sex trafficking and their children. Microfinance projects and vocational training is also provided to participants to help them to reintegrate into society. Pratigya (The House of Promise) is located in Andra Pradesh and Tarika (star) is our second center located in the southern Indian state of Karnataka. 

Project Updates

  • Vidya is a recent graduate of the Tarika Center. As a young girl she was married off to a much older man. Her husband was extremely abusive and forced her to have abortions each time she became pregnant.  

    When the Tarika center staff first met Vidya she was a broken and desperate woman. But today she is a different person - full of confidence and hope for the future. Equipped with a certificate in tailoring, she is looking forward to gaining employment and economic independence.  

  • Over the last several years, training centres for Dalit women have been made possible because of  your gifts. Six month classes are offered to these women in sewing/tailoring, beautician or computer skills. It is touching to see the transformation and hope that this training brings to the women.

    Recently we celebrated with 130 women at the Tarika Centre graduation. Many of these women were victims of trafficking, abuse, and poverty. The training centre offers them practical life skills, counselling, a caring listening instructor, and prayer for their burdens. 

    Stepping off the platform with their graduation certificate, the smiles of some of the women only grew bigger as their children ran forward to meet them and proudly hug them. These mothers are changing their destiny and the future for their children. And all this is possible because of generous Canadian friends who are reaching out and providing this life-giving work. 

  • Kala spent her childhood being sold as a bonded labourer to various men that her mother owed money to. Eventually she was sold into India’s horrific sex trade.

    Then two years ago Kala was rescued by a local NGO. She was brought to ourTarika Center - a place of rehabilitation and restoration for victims of human trafficking and abuse. Since joining Tarika, Kala has been receiving counselling, learning to read and write, and developing new vocational skills.

    It has not been an easy road for Kala, a lifetime of abuse has made it difficult for her to trust people. When she first came to Tarika center Kala was suspicious of everyone and refused to participate in any activities. But the love, unconditional acceptance, and counselling Kala is receiving at the center is helping her heal from her past.

    Today, Kala gets excited about learning new skills and participates in all the center’s activities. She still has a long journey a head of her, but slowly Kala is learning to trust again.

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