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It was about a year ago when I first heard about the Dalits. For a while I thought that it was too bad that people had to live that way and I was frustrated by the injustice...but i didn't do anything about it. A few months back I took a class that required me to research a non-reached people group and come up with a strategy to reach the people. I chose the Dalits and began to learn more about them and about DFN. As I began to research about the Dalits my assignment became more than an assignment, it became real life and something that would end up changing my life. I was blown away by the reality that the people I was reading about were real people, still stuck in slavery. They've made their way deep into my heart and I need to do something about it. So, here I am - responding to what I believe is a clear call and I am going to try and do whatever I can to help these people who have settled on some serious land in my heart.

Touch the Untouchables.

My Goal..

I want to help raise awareness and funds to free Dalit children from a life of slavery and provide them with a chance to get an education.

How I am planning on doing this...

I am offering my services to do henna on whoever is willing to have it done! The good thing about henna is that it can go with me wherever I go. I can do it at events, or at my house, or even at your house. All donations can be made to my Champion page and hopefully this will promote awareness and help the kids in some way.

Why help? Why this?

In India, henna is used for celebrations and weddings and usually put on the hands and feet of people. In Canada, we are the hands, the feet and the voice of the Dalit people and its my hope that henna can act as a physical reminder of that. My idea and my heart behind this is that we wouldn't forget about the Dalits, and I think having your skin stained for a week is a good reminder.

There are two hundred and fifty million Dalits. That is 250,000,000 real people who are born into a caste system that destines them to a lifetime of slavery with little hope of a way out. That "little hope of a way out" comes through us. Education is the hope for these children and by providing it for them i hope to touch the lives of people that are labelled the "Untouchables."


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